Castellum Stoufenburc

1774 - 1774


Dark Ambient, Neoclassic
The music of 1774 from the netherlands is based on dark ambient spheres, enriched with neoclassical melodies 

and deep drums. 4 tracks as musically interpretation of Goethe's 'Die Leiden des jungen Werther'.

Music & Artwork: 1774

Behind The Horizon - Intersection

Martial, Dark Ambient

    The first EP of the project Behind the Horizon. 

    Dreamy & melancholic Dark Ambient, including electronic influences, own vocals and classical instruments!

    Music: Behind the Horizon

    Corazzata Valdemone - 20 Anni Di Successi


    Totalitarian Industrial

    The best of 5 years of Totalitarian Industrial

    by Corazzata Valdemone!

    Music & Artwork: Corazzata Valdemone

    Imperat - Lord

    Martial, Neoclassik

    Imperat born as a restoring force of the traditional order,

    channeled through the musical vehicle and framed in a 

    metaaesthetic concept tries to capture the idea through the shape.

    Music & Artwork: Imperat

    Le Silence Des Ruines - Pardonne-Moi Lucifer

    Martial, Ambient

    Nicolas F. (Jörvallr) creates with his side-project Le Silence des Ruines melancholic martial ambient hymns,
    which make you feel the silence of the ruines.

    Music & Artwork: Nicolas F

    Legionarii - The New Era


    Totalitarian Martial Ambient

    Legionarii is a martial ambient project started to revive the Europe and bring back it's glory.

    Guided by the spirit of our fallen ancestors, Legionarii tries to bring back the atmosphere of glory, and especially of war.

    Legionarii stands for the destruction of modern world and restoring the old values that once brought Europe to it's splendorous gleam.

    The new Era is a preview of the forthcoming album Europa Rex, which will be released soon on another label.

    Music: Legionarii

    Artworkork: Iron Legion

    Militia Dei - Christi Sanguis

    Military Electronics
    Military Electronics call the artist his music by himself.
    The rules are quite simple: a metronomic hard beat at 88 bpm, some rolling snares and some creative mesmerizing sequences.
    This music takes you into a marching boombastic trance!

    Because of the quality Militia Dei only wants to release his tracks as WAV!

    Alternative download here!

    Music & Artwork: Militia Dei

    Nubiferous - Archipelago III (Thawed Water, Vernal Equinox)

    Ritual, Dark Ambient

    Nubiferous is a Dark, Ritual, Tribal, Drone Ambient project from South of Russia. Amongst others you can download IV parts of his release Archipelago. CS supports the artist and his wonderful music by recommending you the third part. Listen and let you enchant!

    Music & Artwork: Nubiferous

    Ritual Nights - Nazgarrn Manifestum

    Ritual, Dark Ambient

    Welcome to Ritual Nights!

    Music: Ritual Nights
    Artwork: Bildkunstschmiede

    RUHE - Different Times, Different Gods
    Martial Ambient, Dark Choral

    The second free download album of RUHE leads you through

    dark spheres of Martial Ambient and Dark Choral and tells stories about ncient times.

    Music & Foto: RUHE
    Artwork: Bildkunstschmiede

    RUHE - There Is No Beauty Without Light


    Dark Ambient

    Selektion - Bloody Nails



    Selektion - Elektronische Spiele


    Vintage Electronic

    The second release of Selektion was inspired by the good old synthesizers of the 80's.

    A vintage atmosphere of dark electro and tinny industrial sounds.

    Artwork: Bildkunstschmiede
    Music: Selektion

    Selektion - Terrorist

    Industrial, Angstpop

    No compromise! - No censorship!

    Music: Selektion
    Artwork: Bildkunstschmiede

    Various - Sturmreif II - The New Age Of Martial Industrial

    Dark Military Ambient

    Waffenruhe - jenseits.

    Dark Military Ambient
    A new EP Waffenruhe.

    Music: Waffenruhe

    Waffenruhe - Alarm

    Dark Military Ambient

    Waffenruhe - Armed Resistance

    Industrial , Noise-Martial

    Waffenruhe - Demegogie

    Dark Military Ambient

    Waffenruhe - Europa


    Dark Military Ambient

    The single Europa includes two hypnotic, minimalistic tracks which were created in 2009 and reworked 2012.

    The album is dedicated to our dying mother Europa. Also the single is the beginning of some upcoming releases of Waffenruhe in very small editions with   

    handmade covers which symbolizes the return of Waffenruhe who has not forgotten from where it comes from.

    Fight the commerce! Hail the underground!

    Music: Waffenruhe
    Artwork: Bildkunstschmiede

    Waffenruhe – Nostalghia
    Martial Ambient

    Music & Artwork: Waffenruhe

    Waffenruhe - Stuka
    Military Industrial

    3 unreleased free tracks as thank-you for the great support in 8 years of Waffenruhe!

    Music: Waffenruhe

    Waffenruhe - Dark Chapter (Part I)
    Dark Military Ambient

    The new album.
    Music: Waffenruhe

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